The Secret Behind the Freshness of Singers on the Stage

A singer with confidence and energetic performance

The dream of being a singer is something worth to be expressed. If there is an opportunity, whatever the form is, you should try it. Isn't it useless to have a golden voice just to miss the opportunity before your eyes?

Look at the musicians born from the talent search audition. Gisela Anastasia, Judika, Virzha, and Regina are now enjoying their fame after winning the Indonesian Idol event that has been present since the 2000s.

Through thousands of registrants from all over Indonesia, the four names above are able to enter the Indonesian music world that not many people can experience.

Their success cannot be separated from their persistence in fighting through the stages. If you want to be like them, you have to do your best in front of the jury. One of them is by maintaining your mouth freshness when singing.

You don't want the assessment to sag only because of bad breath, don't you?

Not even score, bad breath can make the judges or your audition friends to keep their distance from you, you know!

Therefore, take your time to treat the freshness of your mouth long before the audition starts. You can use Enzim Freshmint toothpaste, which is made without detergent to help to restore the quality of saliva.

Saliva in your mouth is useful for controlling the bacteria balance of the mouth cavity, hence helps to treat sprue and bad breath and prevent their recurrence.

If you don't have time to brush your teeth, you can also maximize your appearance in front of the judges and competitors with Enzim Mouthwash. This mouthwash contains natural active enzymes, without alcohol and without antiseptics.

Enzim Mouthwash helps to restore saliva defense, maintain the ecology of oral flora, inhibit plaque formation, prevent cavities and gum problems, help to overcome sensitive teeth and bad breath, and lastly maintain mouth freshness.

Based on the information from Enzim Indonesia and Indonesian Idol, the recently held auditions in September were in Yogyakarta, Medan, and Surabaya. While this month, an audition has been held in Jakarta.

Which cities will the Indonesian Idol auditions visit next? Let's prepare yourself from now!

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