Don’t Panic, Do This When Your Children’s Teeth are Dislodged

Doctor taking off girls incisor

Dream – Child's milk teeth will indeed dislodge when adult teeth begin to grow. The process the teeth dislodges usually occurs when the child is around the age of six which marked by the wobbly milk teeth.

At the age of three, usually in the children’s mouth has grown 20 milk teeth. Sequentially, the first tooth that grows will be dislodged earliest. Usually, the lower incisors will be dislodged followed by the upper part.

The dislodge of child's milk teeth is a normal process. Although children will usually be fussy or uncomfortable when their teeth start to wobble, they become lazy to eat because the process of chewing is disturbed.

Before Sahabat Dream you become dizzy when facing the dislodge of your children's teeth, here are some tips that can be practiced by parents:

1. Tell your child not to pull the tooth off when his tooth wobble

This will actually trigger an infection in the root of the tooth. Children can sway their tooth with the tongue to make it easier to dislodge.

2. If the child feels pain when his tooth wobble, it means permanent teeth will appear

To overcome this, get your child to the dentist to get painkillers.

3. Changes in the teeth’s shape and color

After the milk teeth dislodge, new teeth that grow usually are larger and not as white as milk teeth. The crown will be jagged because it has never been used to bite. In this condition, continue to teach children to brush their teeth.

In order for your child's teeth to stay healthy even though it will dislodge, you need to remind them to brush their teeth regularly. Choose a suitable toothpaste which fulfills your child’s need such as Enzim for Children.

Enzim for Children toothpaste is formulated without any detergent and contains enzymes. The contents are made from food grade material hence it’s friendly to the oral environment. Enzim for Children toothpaste is useful to keep milk teeth from being damaged until it is dislodged.

Enzim for Children toothpaste contains active natural enzymes that can help protect saliva by controlling the balance of bacteria in the mouth. Enzim helps to prevent cavities and gum problems, keeping your teeth and oral cavity clean.

This toothpaste also uses xylitol, a sweetener that can prevent cavities.

So, there is no need to doubt the safety of the Enzim for Children for your children. There is also a tutty fruity flavor which loved by your children.

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