Because detergent damages the quality of saliva and makes the mouth dry also damages the taste buds hence the taste of food turns bitter or tasteless shortly after brushing your teeth using a toothpaste containing detergent.

The Enzim toothpaste product is safe for long-term daily use because the enzymes content of Amyloglucosidase (AMG), Gluco-oxidase (GO) and Lactoperoxidase (LPO) act to restore the natural function of the lactoperoxidase (anti-bacterial) system in saliva, therefore, it can control the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity.

Enzim is not a canker sores remedy. Enzim is toothpaste that is good for daily care use. The main function of Enzim toothpaste is to maintain the balance of the oral flora. So if you routinely use Enzim toothpaste, the flora balance of your mouth will be maintained, including bacteria that cause canker sores (streptococcus sanguis) will be controlled. As a result, the canker sores healing process will be accelerated and will further help prevent a recurrence.

The enzymes in Enzim toothpaste function to improve the quality of saliva hence saliva can actively control the growth of bacterias in the oral cavity (bacteriostatic function). If bacterias in the oral cavity are always in a controlled condition, hence many dental and mouth problems will be prevented.

Yes. The working system of Enzim toothpaste is controlling bacteria in the oral cavity. If the bacteria’s growth can be controlled, the occurrence of bad breath will be inhibited.

Without wetting the toothbrush, without gargling first, brush your teeth with Enzim toothpaste for 2 minutes, then rinse your mouth. This dry method is intended so that the mechanical movement of brushing your teeth can stimulate the release of more saliva hence it can blend with the enzymes contained in the toothpaste. Also because Enzim toothpaste does not contain detergent, therefore, it is possible to brush your teeth without water.

Until now we have produced 6 product variants, namely: Enzim for Children toothpaste (with 4 choices of flavor), Enzim Mixdent toothpaste (for the age of 7 to 15), Enzim for Adult toothpaste (with 2 choices of flavor), Enzim 40+ toothpaste, Enzim Orthodontic toothpaste, and Enzim mouthwash.

The enzymes contained in the enzyme toothpaste: Amyloglucosidase, Gluco-oxidase, and lactoperoxidase. Besides these enzymes, several proteins also being added such as lysozyme, lactoferrin, and others.

Yes. In addition to the size of 130 ml and 100 ml, Enzim toothpaste is also available in 50 ml and 35 ml sizes which are practically used for traveling.

Colostrum which being used originate from cow colostrum (bovine)

Colostrum in the Enzim toothpaste has several functions: helping to moisturize the dry mouth (moisturizer), inhibiting the growth and adhesion of bacteria, neutralizing toxins/poisons produced by bacteria, increasing natural defenses in the oral cavity, reducing streptococcus mutants bacterial colonization.



Just like other organs, the oral cavity’s health is important to be maintained, especially because the mouth is the gate for the entry of disease into the body. Remember, most human diseases entered through the mouth!

Every day humans eat through the mouth hence there will be leftovers in the mouth and these food leftovers will settle in the teeth in the form of soft deposits, becoming a nest of bacteria. This soft deposit is called plaque. If you neglect to maintain the health of the oral cavity, the plaque heap will increase. Plaque is the beginning of many oral cavity problems such as cavities, gum inflammation, bad breath, etc.

A good way to maintain the oral cavity is to consume foods that are healthy and natural. Avoid chemicals in food. Since avoiding it is almost impossible to do, the role of brushing teeth is very vital in maintaining the health of the oral cavity.

The simple thing that is often advised by experts to maintain the health of the oral cavity is to brush your teeth regularly, especially before going to bed at night. The advice of these experts is related to the process of preventing the occurrence of dental diseases. Brushing your teeth before going to bed at night is highly recommended because it is closely related to the reduction of saliva’s production during sleep hence the function of saliva to guard the balance of bacterial growth becomes compromised. If the bacteria growth is uncontrolled, hence it will produce acid which dissolves the outermost layer of teeth (commonly called email). The process of email dissolving is a sign that the process of cavities begins. Brushing your teeth with the right ingredients is needed to anticipate the decreasing control function of saliva to bacteria due to reduced production of saliva.

Toothpaste as an agent used to brushing teeth has a big role in maintaining the health of the oral cavity. Toothpaste is always in direct contact not only with brushed teeth but also with all parts of the oral cavity. Then the selection of the right toothpaste will be a (very) important and influential factor. Use toothpaste that not only cleanses the teeth but also able to restore the saliva function in controlling the bacteria. If bacteria can be controlled, then the incident occurrence of disease in the mouth can be reduced.

Enzim toothpaste provides several benefits when acting as a dental cleaning agent while improving the quality of saliva simultaneously. As is widely known, we know that saliva acts as a guardian of the human oral cavity’s health. The benefits provided by Enzim toothpaste, as follows:

  1. Its cleaning material is included in the low abrasive group hence it does not damage the tooth layer.
    Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (foam-forming material), so it does not cause the mouth to dry and does not damage the papilla taste (FYI, toothpaste which contains sodium lauryl sulfate, which is used when brushing teeth will make the food we eat afterward feels bland or bitter). Sodium Lauryl Sulfate also prolong the healing of wounds process in the oral cavity. Wounds in the oral cavity are canker sores and bleeding gums.
  2. The amyloglucosidase, glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase enzymes contained in toothpaste will improve the bacteriostatic function of saliva. The bacteriostatic function of saliva is the ability of saliva to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity. If the bacteria in the oral cavity can be controlled, hence the oral cavity will always be healthy.
  3. The lysozyme and lactoferrin proteins contained in toothpaste will strengthen the work of natural proteins found in saliva hence the defense in the oral cavity can be increased.
  4. The colostrum contained in Enzim toothpaste will help to moisturize the oral cavity that experiences dryness.

In contrast to other toothpaste, Enzim toothpaste does not contain a foam-forming ingredient like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or often known by society as a detergent. The content of the enzymes will be able to restore the quality of saliva hence the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity can be controlled. The Enzim toothpaste is also formulated using food grade level of ingredients.

The Enzim toothpaste has 6 product variants, namely Enzim for Children, Enzim Mixdent, Enzim Regular, Enzim 40+, Enzim Orthodontic, and Enzim Mouthwash.

Based on research, it is known that decreasing production of saliva can occur as you’re getting older hence the prevalence of diseases in the mouth will increase, such as cavities, inflammation of the gums, inflammation of the supporting tissues of the teeth, easily dislodged teeth, mouth mucosa dryness (xerostomia) and other infections, even triggering bad breath. The Enzim 40+ toothpaste is the right choice because the content of Colostrum serves to increase the ability of saliva to control the ecology of the mouth flora and provide moisture in the oral cavity. Vitamin E functions to rejuvenate the condition of the gums and soft tissue of the mouth. Citrate potassium helps reducing pain in sensitive teeth. Zinc Gluconate functions as an anti-bad breath/reducing bad breath. Allantoin functions to accelerate the healing process of wounds in the oral cavity (wound healing agent).

Sensitive teeth occur due to the opening of a duct in the tooth dentine called the dentinal tubule. As a result, stimulation of heat, cold, sweet, sour, etc. enter through the dentinal tubules towards the dental pulp containing nerve fibers. The stimulus is immediately 'captured' and sent to the brain, so we immediately feel the pain momentarily as if it was stung.

The Enzim 40+ toothpaste is the right variant to help overcome the problem of sensitive teeth because it contains Potassium citrate which functions to inhibit the transmission of stimuli from the nerves in the dental pulp to the brain hence the sensation of pain can be reduced. Amyloglucosidase, Glucose Oxidase, and Lactoperoxidase enzymes that function to restore the natural system of lakotoperoksidase in the saliva enable bacteria growth to be controlled (bacteriostatic). If the bacteria can be controlled, then the acid will not dissolve the email and the inflammation of the gums incidence can be reduced.



  1. Chewing disorders. If the child has damaged teeth, the child usually has difficulty in eating and tends to choose soft or watery foods so they are easily swallowed it without CHEWING.
  2. Loss of permanent tooth growth’s guidance. Each milk tooth will be dislodged at a certain time and will be replaced by its permanent teeth. If the milk teeth are damaged and have to be removed before the time, then the seeds of their permanent teeth will lose its direction of growth. This can cause the arrangement of permanent teeth becoming crowded (jammed)
  3. Aesthetic disorders. Children with damaged teeth, especially on the front part will reduce their beauty or good looks. What needs to be concerned is the psychological burden of the child when his/her friends give 'gigis' comments (rampant caries) or "the toothless"
  4. Impaired speech function. Teeth play a role in pronouncing certain letters such as F, V, S, Z, Th. If the teeth are severely damaged, the pronunciation will be disturbed (cedal).

Unlike other toothpaste, Enzim for Children toothpaste does not contain detergent. Besides, it does not contain any detergent, the active ingredient in Enzim for Children toothpaste serves to maintain the balance of the oral environment, hence bacteria/germs in the oral cavity which live in saliva are not given the opportunity to grow. As a result, damage to milk teeth can be prevented and the health of the oral cavity is maintained.

Enzim for Children toothpaste comes with attractive packaging and there are four flavor variants that kids love, namely strawberry flavor, orange flavor, bubble gum flavor, and tutty fruity flavor.



In pregnant women, hormonal changes occur which result in alteration in the oral cavity environment (oral environment) hence problems in the oral cavity increased.

  1. Prevent Gum Inflammation (gingivitis)
  2. Prevent Cavities (caries)
  3. Prevent Bad Breath (halitosis)
  4. Prevent Pregnancy Tumor (epulis gravidarum)
  1. Changes in the progesterone and estrogen hormone cause an increase in blood flow throughout the body, especially to the gums. This causes the blood vessels in the gums to break easily causing gum inflammation (pregnancy gingivitis). Changes in these hormones also cause changes in the nature of bacterias which are usually aerobic and turn into anaerobes. These anaerobic bacterias trigger an increase in bad breath occurrence in the pregnant woman.
  2. The tendency of morning sickness will make the mouth environment become acidic. The acidic atmosphere in the oral cavity will increase the likelihood of cavities.
  1. Routinely check the oral cavity to the dentist, do not wait until problems arise.
  2. Immediately rinse the oral cavity with water if there are nausea and vomiting.
  3. Consume more fibrous fruits.
  4. Use Enzim toothpaste during pregnancy because it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (detergent), hence it does not make the mouth dry and the colostrum content will increase the humidity of the oral cavity. The enzymes and proteins contained in toothpaste will improve the defense function of saliva hence the bacteria can be controlled.



Bad breath arising during fasting is caused by reduced production of saliva. The decrease in saliva production is closely related to the absence of masticatory activities carried out during fasting. Lack of saliva causes the supply of oxygen in the mouth to be low, hence anaerobic bacteria grow uncontrollably, and will break down a series of proteins in saliva, and produce sulfur (VSC) which consists of Hydrogen Sulfide - Methyl Mercaptan - Dimethyl Sulfide which will cause BAD BREATH.

When fasting the mouth feels dry because the production of saliva decreases. Salivary gland production is strongly influenced by stimuli received such as mastication, food aroma, speaking activities, etc. The greater the stimulus received hence the greater volume of saliva will be produced. During fasting, activities related to the oral cavity are considerably decreased. This results in reduced production of saliva hence the mouth becomes dry. Dry mouth triggers bad breath eventually.

Yes! Regular use of Enzim toothpaste during fasting will eliminate bad breath. The Enzim toothpaste does not contain detergent (sodium lauryl sulfate) which causes the mouth becoming drier and the enzymes contained in toothpaste will improve the quality of saliva in controlling the growth of bacteria, including anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath.

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