Healthy Snacks for Children, Bye Fat!

Two happy kids are eating a wheat bread for snack

Dream – Having a child who loves eating does look funny and adorable. Many parents feel happy when seeing their children eat and they also buy snacks which desired by their child.

However, there are things that they forget. Children who eat too much and lack of physical activity will experience obesity. If being uncontrolled, children can possibly experience symptoms of obesity.

Many studies have found that obesity has the potential to cause heart attack, cholesterol, cancer, and even the potential to experience a stroke at an early age. Children who are obese also aren’t as agile as their friends who possess ideal bodies.

As a result, their motor skills can be disrupted.

Therefore, parents need to regulate their children’s intake. Reporting from the Food Network page, here is snacks which are low in calories but still loved by the children.

1. Popcorn

Parents can make it at home. To make it healthier, parents can replace sugar and chocolate topping with cheese or sweeteners from cinnamon. Children will love it.

2. Fruit ice pop

This ice pop can be a solution for children who don't like to eat fruit. Parents can make it with fruits without any sugar. Ice pop orange juice contains vitamin C and prevents dehydration.

The avocado ice contains good fat and makes them full. Add yogurt which rich in probiotics hence the child's digestive health becomes smooth.

3. Wheat Cookies

Make cookies from oats or oatmeal and then add the appetizing dark chocolate. Children are guaranteed to like this fiber-rich and minimal carbohydrate snack.

4. Peanut butter

Natural peanut butter contains high protein and good fat. Make it yourself so it will be free from preservatives and artificial sweeteners. This home-made peanut butter is suitable to be eaten with wheat bread as a healthy and nutritious breakfast menu.

5. Cheese

For children who don't like milk, now it can be replaced by cheese. It contains high calcium and vitamin D. Combine wheat bread with melted mozzarella cheese, the children will love it.

6. Rice crackers

Choose rice cracker as a healthy snack for your children. This snack is not only low in calories but also make stomach full hence children won’t be interested in other snacks.

This healthy snack is certainly cannot replace the main food. At least, this healthy snack can divert children from eating snacks which have too many preservatives and certainly not healthy.

In order to make children more healthy and cheerful, also teach them the habit of brushing their teeth twice a day, especially before going to bed. This activity is no less important than choosing healthy food for them.

Choose a toothpaste which not only cleanses leftovers in the mouth but also safe for the child's mouth. For example Enzim for Children toothpaste.

This child's toothpaste is made without detergent and contains enzymes. Formulated for children from food grade ingredients that are friendly to the oral environment. Enzim for Children toothpaste is developed specifically for children with suitable compositions and a mild taste.

Brush it well from their very first tooth. Brushing your teeth with Enzim for Children toothpaste is the beginning of protecting oral health and providing optimal prevention of tooth decay.

Let's teach children about healthy habit by brushing their teeth with the Enzim for Children.

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