Watch Out! This Is the Cause of Swollen Gums

woman feels pain due to gumboil

Have you ever get swollen teeth? You must know the pain and how uncomfortable your mouth is. Swollen gum usually appears with bad breath or bleeding gums. Do you know if swollen gum is a symptom of gingivitis or gum inflammation?

When left untreated, swollen gum will cause periodontitis. This disease will cause soft tissue infections and in the long term can destroy the teeth.

To prevent gums from bleeding, you must know the causes. Here are the factors:

1. Plaque and tartar

The remaining food in the mouth will be processed by bacteria into plaque. This plaque will coat the teeth surface and give a yellowish color.

Plaque doesn't only cause swollen gum, but also yellowish teeth. The uncleaned plaque will turn into tartar, then harden and become calculus. Plaque changes into tartar within ten days.

2. Irritation

Allergic reactions due to drugs, braces, can cause swelling and redness on the gums. This swelling can also be caused by choosing the wrong toothpaste.

3. Leftovers

Food leftovers between teeth that are difficult to clean will be trapped under the gums. After one or two days, those leftovers will trigger swelling. Sometimes, swelling begins to subside when leftovers leave by themselves.

4. Repairing teeth in the wrong way

Teeth which are stretched due to age and repaired in the wrong way will cause remaining food to be trapped between the gums. The trapped remaining will be difficult to clean and will cause infection over time.

5. Hormones

Changes in hormone levels can cause swollen teeth. This usually happens to pregnant or menstruating women.

6. Certain medicines

Some drugs for reducing high blood pressure will cause overgrowth on the gum tissue. As a result, it looks swollen.

We can prevent swollen gums from starting at home. You do this by managing a balanced diet and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid sweet foods and drinks, tobacco and alcohol.

Brush your teeth regularly and replace your toothpaste immediately if it feels uncomfortable in your mouth. You can replace it with Enzim Freshmint, which is more suitable for the mouth cavity condition.

Enzim Freshmint toothpaste contains five active natural enzymes, helps in protecting saliva by controlling the balance of bacteria in the mouth. Enzim helps to prevent cavities and gum problems, keeping your teeth and mouth cavity clean.

So, immediately replace your toothpaste with Enzim Freshmint to prevent swollen teeth.

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