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Who is Enzim Indonesia?

PT Enzym Bioteknologi Internusa were established in 2000 by Mr. Lie Alexander Agung as the production, research and marketing company of Enzim toothpaste. We are the pioneer of toothpaste manufacturing company with biotechnology based formula. Therefore, every Enzim products are SLS (detergent) free and contain active enzymes and beneficial proteins.

The main purpose of our company is to make people realize that they can obtain and maintain good oral hygiene with Enzim.

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Enzim Indonesia Vision

The main purpose of our company is to make people realize that they can obtain and maintain good oral hygiene with Enzim.

  1. Continuously expanding our organizations and human resources to face the global challenges. 
  2. Developing enzymes based products that not only beneficial for our customers but also science based and eco friendly. 
  3. Improving the quality of our human resources, in order to preserve our organizations in the global era. 
  4. Conducting sustainable research and innovation to create products with enzymatic systems. 
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Are you a professional who want to expand your career in science, sales or marketing in oral health industry? Or are you a final year student looking for an internship experience?

We are a science and biotechnology-based company who is supported by high integrity workers and professionals. Our company has a dream to make billions of people free from any form of oral disease. Contact us for the available working opportunity.

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Enzim Indonesia Program

Company Visit

The company visit program to Enzim factory has been going on for more than 10 years, with more than 500.000 visitors, including doctors and paramedics from prestigious hospitals in Jakarta, Ikatan Istri Dokter Indonesia, rectors and lecturers from famous universities, teacher and midwives associations and other health organizations.

The purpose of this company visit is to introduce pieces of information about Enzim toothpaste and also to provide visitors with oral health knowledge through scientific lectures and talk show. These programs are held with a fun twist, which includes karaoke, games, and bazaar.

Enzim Indonesia also provides you with a free shuttle bus with air conditioning (AC) for Jabodetabek area. Visitors from other areas will get transport fee substitution. Every visitor will also get free breakfast or morning snack.

For more information please contact our industrial visitation team:

PT Enzym Bioteknologi Internusa

Jl. Raya Bogor km 36,5 No 35 – Cimanggis, Depok

Telp : (021) 87917012, 87914848

Fax : (021) 87917013 Wa : 081283817531     

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